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Mystery Adventures

On Saturday, March 16th, 4 LEG members took advantage of the nice weather for a trip into Mystery Cave. Genie Schropp, Teresa Boerma, Kelly and Matt Bliss entered the Cave around 11:00 am. After spending close to 5 hours admiring the beautiful speleothems and borehole passage, they exited cave around 4:00 pm. Pleasantly surprised to see the sun still shining, they finished the day off with food and drinks at Jackson Street BrewCo in Perryville.

Southern Illinois Projects

Here are several photos from a couple different Union County projects currently underway. LEG member Matt Bliss has been actively surveying several  private caves in Union County.


To become a member of the Grotto you can contact us via our contact form or you may attend the next meeting and we can introduce ourselves.  Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month in room 110 of Parkinson Laboratory on the campus of S.I.U. in Carbondale. 

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