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Southern Illinois Projects

Here are several photos from a couple different Union County projects currently underway. LEG member Matt Bliss has been actively surveying several  private caves in Union County.

Mississippi Valley Ozark Region

In addition to our  other associations, many Grotto members are also members of the Mississippi Valley Ozark Region (MVOR). The MVOR is a regional caving organizion that consists of cavers primarily in the state of Missouri and it’s surrounding states, including Illinois, western Kentucky, western Tennessee, eastern Oklahoma, northern Arkansas, southern Iowa, eastern Indiana and eastern Kansas. The MVOR holds meetings twice a year, spring and fall. The meetings are rotated with-in the various states and are hosted by the various grottos within the region.

National Speleological Society

National Speleological Society

All board members as well as many individual members are members of the National Speleological Society (NSS).  Those Grotto members whom are also NSS members receive a discount in their annual dues to the Grotto.  The Little Egypt Grotto has been an affiliate of the National Speleological Society since 1964.

Illinois Speleological Survey

The Illinois Speleological Survey (ISS) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting, conserving, locating, recording, exploring and studying caves and karst in Illinois.

Missouri Speleological Survey

The MSS is a not-for profit organization of individuals and groups who are engaged in study and research on caves and karst features in Missouri. The Survey supports research and promotes cave conservation throughout the state. To further these purposes the Survey publishes journals, maps,and catalogues on the cave resources of the state. Funds for operations comes from the memeberships, affiliation fees, publications and from grants and gifts. The most descriptive term to describe the activities of the MSS would be “cooperative” in which many people cooperate with each other for a common goal – the study of caves in Missouri.

Many grotto members are members of the MSS and/or the ISS.



The Grotto has been an affiliate of the National Speleological Society(NSS), since 1964.

More locally, the Grotto is one of many grottos associated with the Missouri Speleological Survey (MSS) and the Illinois Speleological Survey (ISS). Both of these organizations are designed to promote cave and karst awareness of the cave resources and information for their respective states.